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hi I'm new to this community..

but not the movie the crow. I love that movie so much! When I first watched it I didn't know what was going on of couse I was in my preteens I think but now I'm 21 years old my name is meagan and I live in massachuettes. I been a fan of the crow since 94' and when I found out about brandon lee waz killed on the set I didn't want to believe it so I asked my older brother (who got me into the movie) then I realize it was true and that was messed up how he died so young.So now I'm working on getting my shrine together again since I didn't have enough money to buy crow items at that point in time. I already got a few things so now I'm working on getting the novels/comic books of the crow which are easy to find except for two of them which I'm also looking for right now. So far on the books I have the pain,fear,irony and despair + death (5 books in one),flesh and blood. The books I'm getting soon Wicked prayer + the temple of night + hellbound and also deadtime maybe(depending by tommorow jan 6th). well that's it from me. I got to go.
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