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Question for all in this community??

Is anyone else excited about the 4th movie of The Crow: Wicked Prayer?? Or is it just only me? I know about the one that dmx waz to be in but it was canned It was called The Crow: Lazarus Heart.* I just wished that they would make The Flesh and Blood movie (the female version of the crow that James O' Barr made)but I heard rumors that it might come as the 5th movie of the crow somewhere on online but I forgot what site said it. I think it's about time a woman stands up and becomes the crow after all 3 movies soon to be 4 movies with only men as being the crow in all of them.

*= If you don't know what I'm talking about... dmx being as The Crow. The story line goes something like this: DMX played a rapper but I forgot where he lives but both him and his girlfriend were killed by some group. The reason why I think it got canned was because it look almost like the first crow movie. So they decided to go with something different. I mean come on its so alike. Brandon Lee as the rockstar with his fiancee killed compare to DMX as a rapper and his girlfriends killed both from a group of people but with different names.

Well that's it from me. I just wanted to update on this community since I don't see anyone else talking about The Crow Movies anymore or even about the late Brandon Lee.
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