eric_raven_sl (eric_raven_sl) wrote in white_crow,

Cawwing all Crow fans

Greetings to all you Crowheads out there.

I would like to invite every one of you Crowheads to a first of its kind online 3D virtual replica of "The Crows Loft" built in Secondlife and located in the sim "Devils Night".
It took roughly a year to construct the 25 room loft, complete with attic, working toilet and shower, doors, Vanity, Fireplace and even a live 24/7 stream of the movie "The Crow".  This is a tribute build to James O'Barr and Brandon Lee.  Im looking forward to eventually building "The Pit" as well, not to mention we are working on getting the streaming soundtracks up and running soon.  I hope to see all of the crow fans there. Come hang out and watch the movie for free or play pool, darts, chess or  russian roulette.

 ~ Eric Raven in Secondlife sends his regards ~

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